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The High Performance Technical Director (HPTD) is charged with the task of elevating the High Performance and sports/pathway development. This multifaceted role encompasses the advancement of skills and capabilities among athletes, coaches, and judges across diverse pathways. Their aim is to create an environment that nurtures excellence, ensuring that SG's athletes are equipped to compete at the highest level. Karen will be the driving force behind creating pathways for the sport to flourish and attain greater heights.

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Business Management

Financial & HR matters

Accounts receivable and payable

Brand Development
Social Media
Event Management
Sponsorship & partnership

This role supports the Events & Marketing Manager.

Education Frameworks
Courses and Workshops
Coach Education
Club Development
Gymnastics for All programmes

Membership Enquiries
Individual Club support
Courses and Workshops



High Performance

High Performance matters
National Training Centre matters
Technical Advisory Council matters
Judging matters
National Programmes

This role supports the High Performance Manager.


Women Artistic Head Coach Athlete Health Performance Manager



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