Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Singapore Aquatics Membership System?

  • This is a new membership portal that has been launched for Swimming Coaches to register themselves with the Singapore Swimming Association. For other memberships, do keep a look out for annoucements in the near future.

How do I become a Member?

Are there any entry requirements?

  • Children below the age of 18 will need to have their registration endorsed by their parent/guardian.

What are the modes of payment?

  • Participants can pay via VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX through the redirect online payment portal (PayPal) after completing their registration.

What is your refund policy?

  • We regret that membership is not refundable.

How will I know if my registration is successful?

  • Participants will receive log in details and a payment confirmation slip via email(s) upon successful registration.

I have not recieved my confirmation email, what should I do?

  • If upon registration, and you have not recieved your confirmation email within 24 hours, please check your emails folders - Inbox, Junk, Spam before proceeding with the next step.

Why is TeamSSA (CoachSSA and TeachSSA) moving to this Portal?

  • This platform allows Singapore Swimming Association to manage the operations of the Courses. This provides a one stop service where members can retrieve their records, track status in the course and view their results.

Who can access member information?

  • Only authorised SSA administrators access member information. All information is kept confidential according to our Policies, available on here.

Will revSPORT have access to member data and will they be able to communicate to members?

  • No. revSPORT will not use any personal data or communicate with any people registered in the system. The only way someone will receive communications from revSPORT is if they have opted in to receive specific communications from revSPORT or if they have lodged an inquiry to the revSPORT support service.

How secure is data in the revSPORT system?
revSPORT is a membership system that has been securely used by other NSAs in Singapore. You can out more about revSPORT here. The system uses industry standard security practices such as:

  • SSL encryption
  • Backups twice daily

Brief explanation of the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours requirements?

CCE hours is a requirement of the NROC framework to encourage coaches to continuously upgrade their expertise and knowledge. Specifically for swimming, there is a recognition of the need for the swimming coaching community to understand and adapt to changes in the ecosystem. To encourage coaches to stay relevant, there is a need for them to sign up for programmes with SAQ (mandatory hours over three years) in order to qualify for NROC renewal. SAQ recognised the need for a transition period and would only impose this fully from 2025 onwards. NROC swimming coaches are urged to use this time to fulfill the new requirements for ongoing professional development, collaborate to improve coaching skills, and contribute to the collective growth of the swimming community.