Registering & Renewal of Membership

How to Renew/Register to be an SAQ memeber?

 i. To renew (if you are a returning member) or register (if you are new) to be an SAQ member, you may click on this                                     link:

 ii. Scroll down till you see two dark blue boxes. One says ‘Returning member’ and the other says ‘New member’.


iii. Click on the ‘returning member’ to renew or click on the ‘new member’ to register.

iv. Once you have Renewed or Registered, please proceed to make payment through the preferred option, Paypal.
     If unable to do so, you may choose to pay through iBanking.

v. *IBanking option and information can be found at
    Step 1: Open iBanking App 
    Step 2: Scan the QR code and make payment (Please include Invoice Reference number in your transaction) – for eg. “ME12345” (Please ensure that you      transfer the CORRECT amount)
    Step 3: Fill up the form accordingly (
    Step 4: Attach a Screenshot (refer to example below) of your payment and upload into the form.
    Step 5: Submit Form

 If you have made payment through IBanking, please remember to fill up the form, as it allows us to verify your payment.